Guess What Day It Is!??

This is the time for reflection… a time when we weigh the pros and cons of the decisions we have made for the past 365 days… and the time when we resolve to make better decisions for the New Year. Although there are TONS of people who will use this time to go on and […]

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I am so thankful for growth… I know I have blogged a lot about change and the HUGE changes I have made within my life— but I just feel it would be an injustice if I did not talk about it. I scroll through my Twitter and Facebook and I realize I know so many […]

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In recent news, someone deleted me from Facebook today. In return, I hit the BLOCK button…and would you believe the world kept revolving despite people getting in their feelings??? LM<nonchalant>AO Im done being petty for the evening… but I figured I would share a few words of advice for all of the readers/visitors of this […]

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Miami Young Wives Club

So… I am making MAJOR moves with this group I created… my brain-child, The Miami Young Wives Club. I am uber exited with the direction the group is taking and the ACTIVE members I have added to the membership roster. ♥ Last night, during one of my many moments of insomnia, I created a webpage: […]

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