Our Baby Girl & The Lucky #7

My daughter will be the big 0-7 in less than a month! On January 16, 2006, I gave birth to a beautiful little girl— literally the embodiment of BEAUTY. She was so small, so fragile, so beautiful. And now, nearly 7 years later she is EVERYTHING I could have imagined her to be. My husband […]

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Kinky Curly, USA

I am soooooooo in love with my hair… buuuut I LOOOOOOOOVE my daughter’s hair more. Probably because its longer… we’re actually competing right now. LOL She knows that she is winning but I keep reminding her that just a few months ago I was bald… Im catching up LOL I especially love that we are […]

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When In Doubt… DANCE♥

So, there’s this girl I know. Where she came from doesnt matter… her past is better soon forgotten. Its where she is going that tells it all. My daaaarling cousin, Ja’Naye <<formally and much better a CAMPBELL :wink>> is an amazing dancer. I taught her well LOL Anywho… her dance journey began waaaaaaaaaay back when Miami […]

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Its Mooooooorning♥

…and we slept the night awaaaaaaaaay. So, I told u all I plaited up Iyana’s hair and I would remove them this morning for her January 9th hairdo. The twists in the front are the same from yesterday… with the mohawk. The back is just her curls♥ Here are the results♥ <<Click the pics to enlarge […]

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