Practice What You Preach!

I give advice a lot… People know I have had a pretty crazy stressful tumultuous “interesting” life… They see that I am still alive and that I still manage to smile and laugh often… Somehow this observation translates into me being a great person to seek nonjudgemental, compassionate, and GREAT advice from. I dont mind… I know […]

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Happiness is Attainable…

My husband and I will celebrate 5 years of marriage in March of next year. In a little over a month from now, we will celebrate 10 years of our relationship. Reflecting back on the rebel I was at 17 and the woman I am today, I know with certainty this union has truly CHANGED […]

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#Destiny <3

I have been blessed to intern within a classroom filled with the most amazing students. Although they each have their own slight cases of hyperactivity-pox, chatterbox-disease, and complain-about-homework-itis, they are truly a great bunch of kids. Give or take a few… lol The students have all embraced me unlike I imagined would take place within […]

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