On The Wings Of Angels…

…babies sleep♥ I got the chance to talk to a friend yesterday… someone going through a very difficult time in her life right now. Its crazy because our  friendship was established in the midst of common bafoonery we were both experiencing… from there it skyrocketed and she is one of my favorite people ((most of […]

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I Wont Tell…

… just make sure u dont♥ I never understood the whole “secret lover” thing… for women. I can understand how a man could care less about being the othr dude but for a woman to aim for that role completely baffles me. Sure, Ive been attracted to guys in relationships but never to the extent […]

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Devil On My Shoulder…

…how’d you get there? lol You have to learn to expect the unexpected… because once things catch you off guard, you most likely dont bounce back unscathed. Im about to walk off the deep end. Good part is I can swim… even better, Im not being pushed off. LOL Sometimes its ok to get ur […]

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Georgia On My Mind

Right now Im in Fort Valley, Ga. Never heard of it, right? lol Figures. Their club looks veeeeery much like a house with an add-on. LOL Anywho… my sis and I drove up here (well, she drove and I entertained) last night. Business trip… we’ll be leaving in a few. We got here at 3 […]

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*blank stare*

Sometimes the reasons you love someone are clear… he’s confident, she’s intelligent, he’s dependable, she’s trustworthy. Other times, you know you’re in love but you cant quite pinpoint the reason why. Somewhere along the way, the reasons fade away. Those characteristics that were once guaranteed to be present fade away into oblivion. He’s an asshole, […]

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