Our Baby Girl & The Lucky #7

My daughter will be the big 0-7 in less than a month! On January 16, 2006, I gave birth to a beautiful little girl— literally the embodiment of BEAUTY. She was so small, so fragile, so beautiful. And now, nearly 7 years later she is EVERYTHING I could have imagined her to be. My husband […]

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Let The Church Say Amen!

I just spoke to my mother… YAAAAAAAAAAY!! I am so happy right now… like win the lotto happy. Well, I dont really know what win the lotto happy feels like so lets just say Im happy like my mother is ALIVE happy! =)    She just called from my grandma’s phone. Apparently, this was all […]

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Think Happy Thoughts

They say there is power in the tongue… you can speak something into existence, so I am trying my best NOT to speak negativity over my mother’s disappearance. BUT my thoughts are taking a completely different approach. I genuinely feel there is something wrong. I cannot say with certainty that she is dead but I […]

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Riddle me this: Why the hell would you plug a reality show when you’re worried that your MOTHER IS MISSING!? Do you hve NO effin’ respect?? Seriously, Im over here worried like crazy… trying to think happy thoughts and not think about the suspicious behavior regarding my mothers supposed body being found MURDERED and this […]

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My Mother Is Dead?!?!

I recieved a phone call a few hours ago saying that my mother’s body was found inside of a warehouse in Opa Locka. *blank stare* I just saw her yesterday! I mean, I drove to the house she lives, scooped her up, we talked, she rode with me to the bank, and I bought her some Checkers. […]

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