I Believe…

I believe people treat you the way you ALLOW them to… …and that parents condition their children to accept BS from others by the BS they allow their children to experience and WITNESS as children— during the times they should be protected, loved, nurtured, and respected. I believe every man who has ever hit a woman […]

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Knots & Nooses (Poetry)

Our souls are anchored  in murky waters Sinking ships down somewhere near the Sea of Forgetfulness Yet I cannot help but cling to you And remember Every sordid detail of what we shared Though the ties that bind us are knotted in sin We stay making nooses out of this rope Hanging from proverbial trees […]

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Story Of My Life…

I have always dreamed of writing my life story… I just never felt “successful” enough to complete the task. I mean, what would be the point in telling this dramatic tale, if the ending was that I’m still a work in progress? Typically, autobiographies should be used as a way to inspire— and unless you […]

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