Amazing Wives = Amazing Time♥

Last night, the ladies of The Miami Young Wives Club joined together to have our very own SunBeams meeting. Woohoo! We watched the premiere of “The Game” ((which was sooooooo good)) and despite the tons of laughter and conversation, we managed to hold a productive meeting about the future of MYWC. This year is going to be […]

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Yep… I have asthma

So, yesterday I started my exercise regimen. I decided to go walk/run Charles Hadley park. I mostly ran… which is how I have decided to diagnose myself with asthma LOL I nearly died on the track! LOL I was sooooooooooooo flustered and wheezing and coughing. Lord have made no sense. This time around, I […]

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Two Thousand Eleven♥

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! It is officially January 1st of 2011. The first day of a year filled with promise and high expectations. I am so excited… many people are expecting many blessings and changes this year—as they do for each new year— and I am no different. Many people talk about how stupid and pointless […]

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