You know how you KNOW when its time to quit your job? When every single solitary thing about what you do for a living ANNOYS you. Welcome to my life. Yes, I am thankful to God for my employment. Yes, I feel blessed. Yes, this job is putting food on my table and keeping my […]

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Raising An Olympian…

It is official. My daughter wants to be an Olympic Gymnast! In addition to ballet, she has developed a fond love for gymnastics. To date, she has NEVER taken a gymnastics class buuuuuut she has consitently badgered my husband and I to sign her up. lol And it has only gotten worse since they begin […]

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I am Anti-BAPAN!

Well… my sister is dating one… and when I say dating, I use that term as loosely as possible. I confess— we have aaaaaaaaaaaall had our share of “crazy in love moments” but this is not one of those for her. This is an all out DUMB as hell “I-cannot-be-single” relationship. ((Again, I use that […]

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This isn’t the first time Ive heard it and it wont be the last… what can I say— Im blunt. I just cannot walk on eggshells barefoot in the scorching hot desert just to appease sensitive souls. This world is not one filled with sunshine and roses. Just like it doesnt revolve around me— it […]

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One Life To Live…

Confession: I am dizzy. I am so tired of going in circles— financially, emotionally, spiritually, and whatever else “______-ally” u can think of. Year after year, my life continues to follow the same mundane path. Yes, I am inches away from getting my degree. Yes, I have a stable job. Yes, I am ((for the […]

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TABOO Resurrected :)

I had a PHENOMENAL time at The Bohemia Room last night! Held in Grand Central ((Downtown Miami)), my entourage and I were actually ON TIME for the festivities! Last week didnt go over so well. I couldnt perform because our “fashionably late” arrival came waaaaaaaaay after the open mic list was full. Wompwompwomp. I did […]

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