Guess What Day It Is!??

This is the time for reflection… a time when we weigh the pros and cons of the decisions we have made for the past 365 days… and the time when we resolve to make better decisions for the New Year. Although there are TONS of people who will use this time to go on and […]

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New Year… New Resolutions <3

In 6 days, it will be January 1, 2013… well, if the Mayans are proven to be wrong and God proves to be Almighty and Omniscient ♥ Just as in prior years, I will be making New Year’s Resolutions. Many people opt not to… citing reasons such as imminent failure and just because it has become the […]

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Two Thousand Eleven♥

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! It is officially January 1st of 2011. The first day of a year filled with promise and high expectations. I am so excited… many people are expecting many blessings and changes this year—as they do for each new year— and I am no different. Many people talk about how stupid and pointless […]

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2AM Reflections…

Today is December 29th… which means there are officially 2 more days left in this year. 2011 is right around the corner; not even around the corner, on the same street walking in the same direction as I am! Its almost here. Wow. This year has truly been one of my better ones. I have […]

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