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The Many Faces Of Me

Life is not easy. For some, difficult times bring out the worst in them. It makes them weak, breaks them at the core, and changes them into PHONY beings; circumstances of their situation. However, my response to hard times has been completely different. I have accepted all challenges head on and embraced the woman these circumstances have turned me into. I am authentic… uniquely crafted and created by God to act out, speak out, and stand out.

I make no apologies for who I am. Bold, brazen, raw, and uncut. What you see is what you get. I choose not to hide behind the covers of superficiality and conformity. I walk to the beat of my own drum and I dance to the rhythms my soul creates. Life is what you make it and make it is what I will do!

This blog, “Authentic Expressionz”, will chronicle my journey through life as a wife, mother, sister, cousin, friend. 100% real all of the time. No holds barred. No expense spared. No censors allowed… afterall, how authentic would I be if I chose to be politically correct in my posts?

If you dont like it… dont return. =)



1) How long have you been writing? I wrote my first book when I was in Ms. Perry’s 3rd Grade Academic Excellence class. So… I have been writing since 1995.

2) What inspires you? In one word: Life. I am truly inspired to write about EVERYTHING. I can write about ANYTHING. God truly blessed me with a gift.

3)Blogger or WordPress? I prefer WordPress because of the themes and the flexibility it provides (although Blogger was my home for many many many years).

4) Are you a full time writer? I am a full-time mother, wife, student, and employee… BUT unfortunately, I am not a full-time writer. 

5) How did you grow your blog? I started over at Blogger and thankfully a few of my avid readers followed me here. I am still not at the point I’d like to be but thankfully I get quite a few hits to my blog to keep me feeling important in the blogosphere. lol Currently, I have my blog linked to my Facebook account and my Twitter and that is working out quite well.

6) How many kids do you want to have? I am currently mom to four beautiful children… I guess you can say that is how many I want to have. lol

7) How is married life? Married life is different… ((Established 3/9/2009))

8) Do you want to be famous from your blog? No. I do not write this blog for fame… although I happen to love the attention. I plan to be successful in everything I do— and I happen to “do” this blog so I expect it to be successful.

Any additional questions: Contact me via email— arnetta.gordon@yahoo.com.


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