Standing On Shaky Grounds

I just want to be stable. I am nearly 30-years-old. I anticipate I will be complete with my Bachelor’s Degree in May of 2013 and I am EXCITED. Perhaps, more excited than I have ever been about ANYTHING in my life. I think the feelings I am experiencing are a combination of whew-I-finally-did-it and Yes-I’m-A-Friggin-College-GRADUATE! […]

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Happy Birthday Grandpa!

In all his time on earth, I never saw my grandfather raise his voice to my grandma… My sisters and I were raised by my grandmother and grandfather since I was 9 years old. During this time, I have never even heard them argue. It may be because my angry younger self pumped Eminem very […]

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A NEW DAY: September 11, 2012

Today is the day America REMEMBERS… September 11th will forever be etched into our minds… our hearts… our souls. There were countless lives loss on this day… at the hands of terrorism… hatred… & evil. But today… we are able to REMEMBER IN PEACE. Our President and the AMAZING men and women defending our country, […]

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Scrappy & Erica

I really love Scrappy and Erica as a couple… I cant quite put my finger completely on WHY but something about them just feels right to me. As a wife… Im not really sure if they should pursue marriage right now… BUT as a “babymama” I am ecstatic that Scrappy wisened up and chose the […]

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