I Am Educator! Hear Me Roar!!!

Today was PERFECT. I have the pleasure of completing my internship under the guidance of an amazing woman, Mrs. Corrine Richardson.  From day TWO, she has been trying to ease me into the role of educator. Clearly, I declined that day. BUT today was an entirely different story! Today I was H.E.I.C- Head Educator in […]

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Reading 2011

So… Im still participating in the “100 Books In A Year Reading Challenge 2011”. So far… Im slacking LOL In a previous post, I listed the 6 I could remember. Here are some Ive read since that last post: 7) Keeping Misery Company by Michelle Larks ((Christian Fiction)) 8 ) Dance Into Destiny by Sherri […]

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Did I Mention…

I finished reading the book I started yesterday. Yep… it was definitely a page-turner. The ending was truly unsuspected. I guessed it… and failed miserably. Anywho… great book. Pick it up at your local library 🙂 Now… Im reading “Any Minute” by Joyce Meyer and Deborah Bedford. I lined up my top 4 choices and […]

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