Are You a Part of the Flock?

They say “birds of a feather, flock together”. Back when I was a child, I used to dispel this as mere fiction. It was impossible for me to be labeled  based on how my friends/associates were in their personal lives. Just because certain people were promiscuous, and we were close, didn’t make me promiscuous— even […]

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27 Years Of Excellence <3

Yesterday, I was blessed to see 27 years of life. Twenty-Seven YEARS of life. I am so blessed. My birthday was truly spent with those I love dearly. My husband surprised me, the night before, with a birthday cake and bottles (yes, PLURAL) of champagne lol No, I am not an alcoholic… but it was […]

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♥ Talking With God ♥

I had a pretty rough day yesterday. Well… let me not say that. My day was pretty good… and a rough patch was thrown in just to spice things up. It kinda threw me for a loop initially, buuuuuut thankfully it didn’t ruin my day. Have u ever talked to God and had Him deliver […]

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Let The Church Say Amen!

Below is a video of my son, Rev TJ, leading devotion and preaching a sermon to his “congregation”. Although we’re laughing some in the background, TJ is serious. ALWAYS.  He does this even when he’s alone and he thinks noone is watching. He preaches to the stuffed animals and to my daughter’s barbies and dolls. I […]

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