…and then you die.

“The ONLY thing that matters is that YOU are dying. Period.” Every day I turn on the television, I am faced with the harsh reality of this world we live in. I am often reminded of the song “I Won’t Complain” and I mentally weigh the good and bad days of my life to convince myself […]

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What I KNOW To Be True…

Just so we are clear: Just like I did not know Trayvon Martin personally, I do not know or care to know his murderer personally either. However, I have been black for 27 years and I do KNOW, without a shadow of a doubt, that racism is real. I do know racial profiling exists. I […]

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What TYPE of Mother Are You?

Today I reflect on the blessings of mothers… without the comfort and security of their wombs, we would not have the pleasure of being on this earth today. This world is comprised of so many different types of mothers… and whether I agree with their parenting choices and decisions, or not, I admit that each […]

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I Am A Lazy Welfare Mother

…and it is my pleasure to meet you. A Facebook “friend” of mine recently made a statement about welfare recipients that struck a chord with me. The status said something to the effect of “people on welfare are lazy and our taxpayer dollars shouldn’t be wasted on people who choose to continuously birth babies they […]

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#MILFpower Feature: VICTORIA

This is the THIRD installment of my #MILFpower feature. Our last MILF recieved a lot of feedback. SHe was definitely too hot to handle… literally. I recieved 199 hits to my blog the day MILF#2 was featured. Lets keep up the traffic! AThis week’s #MILFpower feature is nothing short of an amazing woman. She is […]

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