Feel Like Shouting!!!

Lord… I cannot say THANK YOU enough!!!!!! I struggle financially… sometimes it is overwhelming but after the last Young Adult Ministry meeting, I decided to just give it all over to God AND let him work it all out. Today is payday and I let my husband know this morning that I am FINALLY going […]

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The Potter & His Clay

  I was at a standstill… allowing so many things outside of my control to control my way of thinking and to control my focus. I had such a great time at the YAM meeting last night… The scripture was POWERFUL. 2 Corinthians 4: 7 -10 “7 We now have this light shining in our hearts, […]

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I Mean… Define UnRealistic!?

I know some people with unrealistic expectations… The whole “I-Dont-Wanna-Work-But-I-Wanna-Be-A-Millionaire” group… even the whole “I’m-Gonna-Blow-My-Paycheck-At-The-Casino-Cause-Im-Feeling-Lucky” gang. I am NONE of the above. I work hard. 40 hours, 5 days a week… And I do not aspire to be a millionaire… before I’m 30… I won’t even panic if I do not hit millionaire status this […]

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Practice What You Preach!

I give advice a lot… People know I have had a pretty crazy stressful tumultuous “interesting” life… They see that I am still alive and that I still manage to smile and laugh often… Somehow this observation translates into me being a great person to seek nonjudgemental, compassionate, and GREAT advice from. I dont mind… I know […]

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