Nightmares Suck!

    Life is short… I get that. However, the reality of its brevity crept into my dreams last night. And I hated it. I have had crazy dreams before… but the pain of that dream NIGHTMARE was all too real. See… my husband was murdered last night… Shot in the head… right in front […]

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I Am Educator! Hear Me Roar!!!

Today was PERFECT. I have the pleasure of completing my internship under the guidance of an amazing woman, Mrs. Corrine Richardson.  From day TWO, she has been trying to ease me into the role of educator. Clearly, I declined that day. BUT today was an entirely different story! Today I was H.E.I.C- Head Educator in […]

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27 Years Of Excellence <3

Yesterday, I was blessed to see 27 years of life. Twenty-Seven YEARS of life. I am so blessed. My birthday was truly spent with those I love dearly. My husband surprised me, the night before, with a birthday cake and bottles (yes, PLURAL) of champagne lol No, I am not an alcoholic… but it was […]

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I Double Dog Dare You…

Income tax time is the PERFECT time to write a blog about FINANCES. No, I am not an expert in this area. However, I believe I have made enough mistakes for my opinion to hold some weight to it. And so it goes… I just read an article, “Signs You’re Living Beyond Your Means”.  It […]

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