#MILFpower Recap♥

This week, I have chosen NOT to feature a new MILF. Instead, we will take a look back at our past #MILFpower features. Hope you enjoy this recap… new #MILFpowr feature coming next week, February 6th. Stay Tuned!!!! Star Matthews:  Beautiful. Intellectual. Wow!!! Star was our very first feature. She definitely set the bar for […]

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#MILFpower Feature: SHATERICA

This is the FOURTH installment of my #MILFpower feature. Our last MILF, Victoria, is truly an amazing woman. Click here to check out her feature, in case u missed it. 🙂  This week’s #MILFpower feature is not new to this blog. She was featured recently in honor of her celibacy in my post “Only The Strong Survive“. […]

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#MILFpower Feature: VICTORIA

This is the THIRD installment of my #MILFpower feature. Our last MILF recieved a lot of feedback. SHe was definitely too hot to handle… literally. I recieved 199 hits to my blog the day MILF#2 was featured. Lets keep up the traffic! AThis week’s #MILFpower feature is nothing short of an amazing woman. She is […]

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#MILFpower Feature: STAR

    And it begins… This is my very FIRST installment of the #MILFpower feature. <<Check out my previous post to know what this is all about>> To begin this series, I chose an amazing young woman I have come to know over the years. Although we dont get to hang out as much as […]

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On behalf of mothers everywhere, I would like to send a GIANT kudos to moms everywhere… BUT this kudos is ONLY for those women who can be deemed MILFs. lol I have been noticing lately that moms arent what they used to be. Women used to have children and their entire lives changed… sure, a baby […]

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