Knots & Nooses (Poetry)

Our souls are anchored  in murky waters Sinking ships down somewhere near the Sea of Forgetfulness Yet I cannot help but cling to you And remember Every sordid detail of what we shared Though the ties that bind us are knotted in sin We stay making nooses out of this rope Hanging from proverbial trees […]

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I wrote 2 poems today ((technically yesterday since its past midnight)). The first was about being in love with someone in the military. I was inspired to write it because one of the amazing wives in Miami Young Wives Club ((Nina)) shared her story with me. Her husband is in the military and they have […]

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press PLAY

On Monday, I was invited to perform at Club Play. Their weekly “Laugh, Play, Party” event took place this Wednesday ((last night)). I did my piece “The Art of Survival” and Im happy to report that I KILLED IT! Once again. 🙂 I [[OVER]] love getting on the stage and performing for new crowds. First […]

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