… but Im not complaining. I am walking into my destiny… interpreting every challenge as motivation to rise to the occassion. I have so many things on my plate… poetry, MYWC, Lula’s Angels Daycare, Dream-A-Way Foundation… and more! I am soooo excited to be where I am in life right now… not at the top […]

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Missing You…

It sucks when… I walk into my grandma’s house and its empty. I went into their room today to answer the phone and saw the stash of peppermints my grandfather kept on his nightstand. Ive been over here the past few days, practically all day, doing my homework and its been hell. I didnt realize […]

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Tell Me Sumthin’ Good

Hmmm… where do I begin? Father’s Day was great! I was able to leave work early so I went home to finish my dinner. I cooked my cheesy mac-n-cheese ((Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay))! The hubster and kiddos hung out at my sis-in-law’s house. They were BBQing. The weather was pretty sucky but they had fun nonetheless. My kids looooooooove […]

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I knew I would be working today so I started my Father’s Day dinner last night… well, the meat at least. Once I get off, I’ll be finishing up my meal. The hubby requested oxtails so Im cooking oxtails, yellowrice, stringbeans, brocoli, and cornbread. I was going to make mac-n-cheese (not that the hubby cares for […]