If you Google “The Real Miami”, housewives show up. Images of South Beach, the Miami Heat, and everything the opposite of REAL overtake the webpage. For visitors, its amazing to see— beaches, babes, shopping, etc. People get so caught up in television, they don’t understand that Miami is NOT what you see on TV. […]

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…and then you die.

“The ONLY thing that matters is that YOU are dying. Period.” Every day I turn on the television, I am faced with the harsh reality of this world we live in. I am often reminded of the song “I Won’t Complain” and I mentally weigh the good and bad days of my life to convince myself […]

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I am NOT Trayvon Martin…

“But mommy how is he not guilty and Trayvon Martin is dead?” How can I explain RACISM to my beautiful brown children? At 6 and 7, how can I explain it in such a way that their little minds would be able to wrap themselves around the very thing that allows a man to walk […]

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Nightmares Suck!

    Life is short… I get that. However, the reality of its brevity crept into my dreams last night. And I hated it. I have had crazy dreams before… but the pain of that dream NIGHTMARE was all too real. See… my husband was murdered last night… Shot in the head… right in front […]

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June 1, 2011 2:30 AM

It was a year ago today when they pronounced you dead… Here is is June 1, 2012 and I can still hear your voice bouncing off the walls of this house. I find myself telling the kids to whisper in an attempt not to wake you from your sleep. Forgetting you arent here… but remembering just how […]

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