Introducing Arnetta Gordon,BS

I wouldn’t be true to myself if I did not post about my amazing weekend… it would just be completely unorthodox if I simply posted a few pics to Facebook and kept it moving. And so, in light of my traditional “writing-about-everything” self, I’d like to reintroduce myself to you all. I am Mrs. Arnetta […]

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We Are The Champions!

This Sunday I will experience something I have been waiting for nearly 10 years… I will walk across the stage as a GRADUATE of an institution of higher learning. I will be graduating from Union Institute & University with my Bachelor’s Degree in Secondary Education with an obvious concentration in English. I can honestly say […]

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What TYPE of Mother Are You?

Today I reflect on the blessings of mothers… without the comfort and security of their wombs, we would not have the pleasure of being on this earth today. This world is comprised of so many different types of mothers… and whether I agree with their parenting choices and decisions, or not, I admit that each […]

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