press PLAY

On Monday, I was invited to perform at Club Play. Their weekly “Laugh, Play, Party” event took place this Wednesday ((last night)). I did my piece “The Art of Survival” and Im happy to report that I KILLED IT! Once again. 🙂 I [[OVER]] love getting on the stage and performing for new crowds. First […]

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I ROCK [[the mic]]

I just had an amazing experience at the Bohemia Room… a poetry spot located in North Miami. My cousins, Merdie and Krissy, were going and I was able to go with them. Its funny how that worked out because I was initially bummed about not having anyone to go with since Im currently carless. However, […]

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The Great Big Bucket of Life

Today I decided. I will no longer be chasing whats already supposed to be mine. I’m just going to sit back and let things happen… let life play out as it may. In the end, I know whatever happens was destined to be and my complaints will be minimal (notice I did not say nonexistent) lol. I have […]

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