Proud Of Me♥

After our day at the beach, I washed and braided Iyana’s hair. She is so mo-hawk obsessed ((thanx to Willow Smith and that hair whippin’ video eons ago)) so she ALWAYS asks for a mohawk. In an attempt to switch it up a smidge… I braided it into a mo-hawk of sorts with beads. I loooooooooooove […]

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I am PROUD to present to you, a company created to promote, support, and enlighten the naturally glamorous and stylishly fabulous!  NaturalLaGlam is an amazing new site that aims to promote self-love regardless of hair preference and texture. Unlike other natural hair sites, and hair sites in general, we do NOT bash alternative styles. We uplift […]

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Kinky Curly, USA

I am soooooooo in love with my hair… buuuut I LOOOOOOOOVE my daughter’s hair more. Probably because its longer… we’re actually competing right now. LOL She knows that she is winning but I keep reminding her that just a few months ago I was bald… Im catching up LOL I especially love that we are […]

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NO Creamy Crack For You!

I dont know who is attempting to brainwash my child but it will NOT happen on my watch. I am proud to say I will not be one of those parents who “perm” their little girl’s hair at 3 and 4 years old. No offense if this is the method you have chosen. No… better yet, […]

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