Story Of My Life…

I have always dreamed of writing my life story… I just never felt “successful” enough to complete the task. I mean, what would be the point in telling this dramatic tale, if the ending was that I’m still a work in progress? Typically, autobiographies should be used as a way to inspire— and unless you […]

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I Am Educator! Hear Me Roar!!!

Today was PERFECT. I have the pleasure of completing my internship under the guidance of an amazing woman, Mrs. Corrine Richardson.  From day TWO, she has been trying to ease me into the role of educator. Clearly, I declined that day. BUT today was an entirely different story! Today I was H.E.I.C- Head Educator in […]

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I am so thankful for growth… I know I have blogged a lot about change and the HUGE changes I have made within my life— but I just feel it would be an injustice if I did not talk about it. I scroll through my Twitter and Facebook and I realize I know so many […]

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Project365: day 1

Clocking in to work♥ It feels good to see the numbers change on the clock… the date displayed below so beautifully. While some would probably complain about waking up early on New Year’s Day to trudge into work, I feel the complete opposite! I am happy to be alive today… blessed to have a job… […]

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Out With The Old…

This will be my final post of 2011… DON’T QUOTE ME ON THAT. lol Sometimes our past comes to haunt us… But sometimes its just BS the devil has thrown on the Road of Happiness to cause confusion and chaos. Its hard to decipher what’s real and what’s not when in the heat of the […]

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It Could’ve Been Me

Happy Sunday everyone! While riding to work this morning, I saw a man bathing himself in the ocean. Just as I was getting on the bridge to Miami Beach, I spotted him. It made me think… it took me forever to get out of bed this morning (almost an hour). This man didnt have a […]

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