3653 Days ♥♥♥

It is officially our 10 YEAR anniversary! In 10 years sooooo much as changed within our relationship (as it should). We have grown from boyfriend and girlfriend to husband and wife. We are the parents of 2 phenomenal children. We are blessed beyond measure and our experiences together these past 10 years have proven that […]

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I cannot believe I haven’t posted this yet… I have been exceptionally ECSTATIC about this AWESOME news but somehow that excitement did not translate into this particular site. My apologies…  SO… it is beyond time that I share!!!! I have posted on here about my daaaaaaaaaarling cousin Ja’Naye quite a few times… like here and […]

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Ever just sat and thought about what the future holds? As a parent, this thought frequents my mind often. Although there are some people who live for the day to day hustle and bustle of life, I genuinely look forward to the future. I am confident that every day of my life will not be […]

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