And A 1,2,3,4….

In all 24 years of life, I have NEVER counted calories. I just have a negative connotation of doing so. I am not super duper fat BUT I loooooove food <<which sounds super duper fat, right lol>>. I couldnt imagine myself basing my menu on how many calories each portion would add. Its not that […]

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On behalf of mothers everywhere, I would like to send a GIANT kudos to moms everywhere… BUT this kudos is ONLY for those women who can be deemed MILFs. lol I have been noticing lately that moms arent what they used to be. Women used to have children and their entire lives changed… sure, a baby […]

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Shopping Is…

…therapeutic♥ I went to Westland Mall yesterday… and scored sooooooooo much I cant begin to explain. And I got good bargains too♥ I bought the kids outfits for our upcoming Christmas pics. Hmmmm…. I dont think I mentioned that we’re taking Christmas pics so let me back up a smidge. <<Rewiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiind>> The hubby, the kids, […]

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Frilly Things

I have decided that Im gong to start investing in some frilly things… sexy bra and panty sets. Would you believe I only own ONE? And I bought it yesterday. smdh While in the store, it dawned on me that I dont have enough sexy undergarments. Since Im turning 25, I made a goal for […]

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