And A 1,2,3,4….

In all 24 years of life, I have NEVER counted calories. I just have a negative connotation of doing so. I am not super duper fat BUT I loooooove food <<which sounds super duper fat, right lol>>. I couldnt imagine myself basing my menu on how many calories each portion would add. Its not that […]

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Weight Loss 2011: Day 4

<<The video is now visible. Sorry guys♥>> Today was exhausting!!  I havent even taken a shower yet… I wanted to hurry and post this before I pass out. After this deep cleansing shower, Im gonna take a goooooooooood nap. LOL  Anywho… this video will explain it all. Watch and enjoy♥ The Scale Is Becoming My […]

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Yep… I have asthma

So, yesterday I started my exercise regimen. I decided to go walk/run Charles Hadley park. I mostly ran… which is how I have decided to diagnose myself with asthma LOL I nearly died on the track! LOL I was sooooooooooooo flustered and wheezing and coughing. Lord have made no sense. This time around, I […]

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