What We Lost In Iraq…

My job provides the newspapers to our guests… and every once and a while, I help myself. After all, I deserve to stay on top of what’s happening in this great place we call home, right? Today, the headline caught my attention: What We Lost In Iraq. Do you know it is the 10 year […]

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#Destiny <3

I have been blessed to intern within a classroom filled with the most amazing students. Although they each have their own slight cases of hyperactivity-pox, chatterbox-disease, and complain-about-homework-itis, they are truly a great bunch of kids. Give or take a few… lol The students have all embraced me unlike I imagined would take place within […]

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4 Years Later…

  Today marks 4 YEARS of marriage with the love of my life. One thing I have learned over the years  is that love is one long sweet dream and marriage is the alarm clock. Marriage is nothing like you anticipate. Although you say your vows, you never really put them into perspective until you […]

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