PDA In Front Of The K-I-D-S

Do you hug your mate in front of your children? Do you kiss in front of them? How much affection is TOO much when your children are present? A smack on the romp? A kiss on the cheek? Clearly, noone is going to make love with their children present… but where do you draw the […]

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As a child, I never understood why my grandmother placed my grandfather on the top of her totem pole. She always went above, beneath, and beyond to make sure he was happy and they were on a good note. Being the neglected child I was (by my parents), I misunderstood this to mean she didnt […]

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I Need Therapy!

After watching VH1s “Couple’s Therapy”, I think we all need it!! If this show has not opened your eyes to the many different facets and types of relationships, then you are NOT normal. Maybe Im just too deep. Either way, this show is UN-friggin-BELIEVABLE. The only reason I watch is for DMX and his wife, […]

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Life Is a Journey…

… HEAVEN is the destination. My darling husband and I had a great conversation last night. It was quite orgasmic actaully… this thing called MENTAL stimulation should not be taken lightly. Anywho… we talked about a TON of different things and it was great. One topic we touched upon was religion. Agreeably, we both have a long way to go before we […]

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