Kinky Curly, USA

I am soooooooo in love with my hair… buuuut I LOOOOOOOOVE my daughter’s hair more. Probably because its longer… we’re actually competing right now. LOL She knows that she is winning but I keep reminding her that just a few months ago I was bald… Im catching up LOL I especially love that we are […]

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Black Friday Madness

Is it just me or is Black Friday shopping utterly ridiculous? I am proud to announce I have never been a Black Friday shopper. While others are drooling over the 50″ TV for $50, I use common sense and stay home. I have heard enough tales from pitiful Black Friday shoppers to know that there are […]

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Inbox Blessings♥

I recieve daily messages in my inbox  from Today’s message was deeply moving and definitely in sync with the holiday season. I could not resist the desire to share it with you all. I hope it provides you with the introspection it has given me… November 23 Thanksgiving Day after Day by Barbara Rainey […]

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