The Downside of Being A “Combs”

Hip-Hop mogul, Sean “P-Diddy” Combs is a proud parent right now. His son, recent high school graduate, Justin Combs graduated with an impressive 3.75 GPA and has been awared a FULL SCHOLARSHIP (valued at $54,000). Now, the world is in an uproar. Well, not literally the world— but California residents. With the rising costs of […]

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The Great Boob Battle

Photo: Brynja Sigurdardottir For some reason, recent photographs of military moms breastfeeding in uniform have created a major controversy. Once again, the intimate act of breastfeeding has turned into some second rate version of a 3-ring circus. Some have gone so far as comparing this moment of a mother feeding and providing nourishment to her […]

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PSA For Those In Glass Houses

I try not to address certain things… since Im on this maturity kick,  BUT specific levels of ignorance and stupidity have to be addressed. Let me begin by quoting a familair saying— PEOPLE IN GLASSHOUSES SHOULD NOT THROW STONES. In other words, put the stones down and go read a book. As usual, it has […]

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The Ring Didn’t Mean A Thing!

These famous words were sung ((horribly off-key)) by Atlanta Housewife Kim Zolciak– buuuuuuut although the tune had a nice little ring to it (no pun intended lol), the lyrics couldn’t be further from the truth. A RING is the end-all be-all that separates relationships from marriages. And no, all engagements don’t end in marriages but […]

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Illuminati: MYTH or REALITY?

I can answer that question in two words: WHO CARES? I just had the HUGEST argument imaginable about a topic I could give 2 craps less about… and Im pissed. Mainly because that is 10 to 15 minutes (give or take) of my life I will NEVER get back… but also because this individual got upset […]

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