Keep Those Squares Out Your Circle


I pride myself on not having much of ANY drama in my life. Outside of a select few, there aren’t many people I consider FRIENDS. I have associates that I love dearly but the title of friend isn’t tossed around. Let’s just be honest— some people do not deserve that title.

Growing up pretty much every one is a friend. We all go riding on our bikes throughout the neighborhood, and outside of the one or two people you just doooon’t like at all, you get along with everyone. People don’t have reasons to lie at that age. There isn’t much jealousy and people don’t pray for your downfall… for the most part.

As an adult, you realize the value of people has diminished. Telling a lie is as normal a routine as brushing your teeth in the morning. People are loyal to themselves ONLY. Greed, selfishness, and desperation cloud judgment and morals are nonexistent. Heck, these day and age “friends” secretly share the same boyfriends and girlfriends. Grown ups are a mess.

& that’s why

You gotta be careful who you trust.


I keep my circle small.

I love everyone… for the most part… but I have learned not to be naïve when dealing with people. You cannot trust everybody. You cannot share secrets with everybody. You cannot confide in everybody. You cannot assume because you have their best interest in mind that someone else has your best interest in mind.

Be mindful of whom you label a friend…

Evaluate your circle.

Weed out the squares…

Throw away the bad apples…

and embrace the FEW who remain.

There is nothing wrong with having a small group of friends… and by small group I mean like 2 to 3 people you can truly label your ‘ride or die’ squad. Can you imagine how STRESS-FREE life is without the he-say/she-say/they-say/they-hating drama running in large crowds comes standard with? Let me be the first to tell you— ITS AMAZING to know that you know that you know whom your REAL FRIENDS are.

Keep them squares out your circle…

Stop trying to force them to fit in where they obviously don’t…


2 thoughts on “Keep Those Squares Out Your Circle

    1. Exactly! I have 4 sisters and 4 brothers… so, my circle is already pretty full without outsiders lol But those I do label TRUE BLUE friends, have been friends since 6th grade. Its easy to keep drama out when you limit the number of people aaaaaaaaaaall in your mess lol

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