Rest In Poetry Will “Da Real One” Bell♥

It breaks my heart…   Early Sunday morning, Will Bell was senselessly murdered in front of his spot, The Literary Cafe. The place he poured his heart and soul into… a place we all were able to call home. It was there that I spit my FIRST poem… on his stage… in the old building. […]

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Lazy Sunday♥

The hubby and I enjoyed a wonderful day today♥ Nothing like being lazy and in love all at the same time. We spent some much-needed and well-deserved QT out on the town. Lunch @Tony Romas on Sunny Isles Beach right across from Trump Towers  ((which isnt as expensive as we thought.))♥ I ((OVER))love my hubby… […]

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Stan Anyone?? :)

I guess this is how Eminem felt when he wrote that song “Stan” about the stalker being obsessed with his EVERY move… Wanting to imitate him. Did you know imitation is the BEST form of flattery. Lets just say I’m FLATTERED. I appreciate all of my “Stans”… From the least annoying to the greatest… From […]

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