Good Luck??

I forgot to enlighten you all on what happened to me on the veeeeeeeeeeeery first day of this wonderful year. I was invited to a baby shower… so I invited my friend Kelli to come with me… we got to the marina ((it was supposed to be on a boat)) and were told the boat […]

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…I want, to shaaaaaaaaaare my heart, with some-one whom I loooooooooooove. Whose niiice and kiiind and geeeeenerous, a gift from uuuup aboooooove. *sigh* Flashback from my Olinda Elementary days when the music teacher, Mr McCray, had us all thinking we were Beyonce. LOL Anywho… Im awfully chipper today. Its 7:45 AM here in Miami and […]

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Unfortunately, we were unable to do our BIG Gordon PhotoShoot this past Sunday as I hoped <<and prayed>>. Financial reasons as usual. Anywho… Olan Mills has a special going on right now for $7.99. MY kinda deal. Although it isnt want I wanted… hubby, myself, and kiddos… Im happy we will have some Holiday pictures […]

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…is worth 1,000 words. I am sooooooooooo super excited. One of the newest members of The Miami Young Wives Club, Kelli, is a photographer! I cant remember if I blogged about this yet, but the hubby and I were planning to take holiday photos with the kiddos… and the plan fell through. <<wompwompwomp>> Well… lo […]

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