What TYPE of Mother Are You?

Today I reflect on the blessings of mothers… without the comfort and security of their wombs, we would not have the pleasure of being on this earth today. This world is comprised of so many different types of mothers… and whether I agree with their parenting choices and decisions, or not, I admit that each […]

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Nightmares Suck!

    Life is short… I get that. However, the reality of its brevity crept into my dreams last night. And I hated it. I have had crazy dreams before… but the pain of that dream NIGHTMARE was all too real. See… my husband was murdered last night… Shot in the head… right in front […]

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First, I want to thank God for allowing me to see this beautiful NEW YEAR. I want to thank Him for the air in my lungs, the beat of my heart, the use and activity of my limbs. I want to thank Him for his unconditional LOVE and mercy… the abundance of blessings bestowed upon […]

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