I’m not sure how many people get married and still celebrate their dating anniversary… BUT the Gordons definitely do. As of today, we are officially 8 YEARS in. An older gentleman I work with made the comment that Im not old enough to be with someone for 8 years… shows how much he knows lol […]

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School Dayzzzz♥♥♥

Iyana started Kindergarten this year!! Yaaaaaaaaaay! I am proud to announce that her first week was a success! ((Did you expect anything less than perfection? lol)) aNYWHO, she was placed inside of Ms Welch’s class. Unfortunately, Ms Welch will not be present until October 1st. Bah Humbug.  She is out on maternity leave. 😦 The substitute, Ms Garcia, […]

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God Made Me Late!

Thank You Lord!   Instead of the usual 5AM wake up, the hubby and I both ignored the alarms and slept until 6AM. As a result, he dropped me off to work. At first I didnt understand why… until I got to work and saw next week’s schedule. Apparently, my request to change my hours from […]

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Another Reason To Smile…

I used to spend a lot of time worried… everything bothered me… even if I never showed it. I used to allow people, pressures, and problems to steal my joy. BUT now I know better. You know what they say… “Now that you know better, do better”. I want to share the same with you. […]

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