Sometimes I Love My Job…

While speaking with a gentleman this afternoon at my hotel job, he mentioned he and his wife were coming to Miami to celebrate 25 years of marriage. Pause. Yes, let that soak in. TWENTY-FIVE YEARS OF MARRIAGE♥ So, after congratulating him, I expressed how they should go ALL OUT because that is a very momentous […]

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3653 Days ♥♥♥

It is officially our 10 YEAR anniversary! In 10 years sooooo much as changed within our relationship (as it should). We have grown from boyfriend and girlfriend to husband and wife. We are the parents of 2 phenomenal children. We are blessed beyond measure and our experiences together these past 10 years have proven that […]

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Make It Clap!!

Last night was PHENOMENAL. I had such an amazing time with the hubby. This anniversary weekend couldnt get any better if I had wrote it myself♥ The VIP passes to Nocturnal were definitely used. Although we soon realized it wasnt OUR scene, we enjoyed being together. I had a strooooooooong Blue Long Island and the […]

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Anniversary ReCap♥

As you all know, the hubby and I celebrated 2 years of marriage this past Wednesday (3/9). As a part of our anniversary celebration, we attened Kevin Hart’s comedy show on Sunday. It was HILARIOUS. As expected, Kevin Hart had me rolling! There were 3 other comedians who set the stage for him and they […]

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