I am so thankful for growth… I know I have blogged a lot about change and the HUGE changes I have made within my life— but I just feel it would be an injustice if I did not talk about it. I scroll through my Twitter and Facebook and I realize I know so many […]

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New Year… New Resolutions <3

In 6 days, it will be January 1, 2013… well, if the Mayans are proven to be wrong and God proves to be Almighty and Omniscient ♥ Just as in prior years, I will be making New Year’s Resolutions. Many people opt not to… citing reasons such as imminent failure and just because it has become the […]

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&& This Is What I Call…

…Super Nanny-esque Parenting! As mentioned in the prior post, the hubby and I decided to take an alternative approach to parenting. I took the liberty of researching different techniques and methods to incorporate into our current parenting style. Instead of the good ol’ fashioned method of spank now, ask questions NEVER– I went directly to the source: Super Nanny! […]

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Pardon My French BUT…

Qui la baise pensez-vous que vous! After picking my daughter up from a weekend with family, she announces “Mommy, ____ says you never do my hair”. 0_O I immediately became infuriated… and quite frankly, my feelings were hurt. The statement itself is completely FALSE but the fact that this particular individual made the comment really […]

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