Welcome To December!

So it is official… The end of the year is HERE! I swear it was juuuuuust Halloween—I can still taste the Snickers I should not have consumed and see the kiddos faces of excitement—  but I digress.   WINTER IS  HERE!!! And when I say “Winter” I mean that in the Miami “I-still-wont-have-to-break-out-the-snow-boots” kinda way. lol […]

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Merry Christmas!

This year, the hubby and I decided to do things differently. Instead of the usual go-to-mall-together-and-pick-our-own-gifts routine, we decided to surprise each other with thoughtful gifts. I decided what I wanted to get him about a month prior buuuut I didnt jump up at that moment and buy it… Partially because I couldn’t afford it […]

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Have You Heard?

Money is now growing on trees!!!! ok… not really. Either way, I am having an AWESOME day! A usual boring busy boring day at work has actually turned into the high light of my week. Maybe even my month. Well, I wouldnt say my month because the hubby and I have been having a great […]

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Black Friday Madness

Is it just me or is Black Friday shopping utterly ridiculous? I am proud to announce I have never been a Black Friday shopper. While others are drooling over the 50″ TV for $50, I use common sense and stay home. I have heard enough tales from pitiful Black Friday shoppers to know that there are […]

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…I want, to shaaaaaaaaaare my heart, with some-one whom I loooooooooooove. Whose niiice and kiiind and geeeeenerous, a gift from uuuup aboooooove. *sigh* Flashback from my Olinda Elementary days when the music teacher, Mr McCray, had us all thinking we were Beyonce. LOL Anywho… Im awfully chipper today. Its 7:45 AM here in Miami and […]

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