27 Years Of Excellence <3

Yesterday, I was blessed to see 27 years of life. Twenty-Seven YEARS of life. I am so blessed. My birthday was truly spent with those I love dearly. My husband surprised me, the night before, with a birthday cake and bottles (yes, PLURAL) of champagne lol No, I am not an alcoholic… but it was […]

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#MILFpower Feature: SHATERICA

This is the FOURTH installment of my #MILFpower feature. Our last MILF, Victoria, is truly an amazing woman. Click here to check out her feature, in case u missed it. 🙂  This week’s #MILFpower feature is not new to this blog. She was featured recently in honor of her celibacy in my post “Only The Strong Survive“. […]

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PINK Sunday♥

No…this is not about that “Barbie” with dungeon dragon tendencies. [[RAWR]] Instead, I wanted to share with you a few pics of one of my role models. At 31-years-old she is simply phenomenal. She has an amazing voice, an amazing body, and an amazing personality. She is the true definition of a glamourized tomboy… never […]

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#MILFpower Feature: VICTORIA

This is the THIRD installment of my #MILFpower feature. Our last MILF recieved a lot of feedback. SHe was definitely too hot to handle… literally. I recieved 199 hits to my blog the day MILF#2 was featured. Lets keep up the traffic! AThis week’s #MILFpower feature is nothing short of an amazing woman. She is […]

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Amazing Wives = Amazing Time♥

Last night, the ladies of The Miami Young Wives Club joined together to have our very own SunBeams meeting. Woohoo! We watched the premiere of “The Game” ((which was sooooooo good)) and despite the tons of laughter and conversation, we managed to hold a productive meeting about the future of MYWC. This year is going to be […]

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Well, we did it! We offically joined New Birth Missionary Baptist Church!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! I am so excited about this new membership. Service today was nothing short of AMAZING! Bishop Curry preached his heart out… like, I literally wanted to go in front of the altar, pick it up, and hand it back to hiM! LOL […]

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#MILFpower Feature: STAR

    And it begins… This is my very FIRST installment of the #MILFpower feature. <<Check out my previous post to know what this is all about>> To begin this series, I chose an amazing young woman I have come to know over the years. Although we dont get to hang out as much as […]

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