Guess What Day It Is!??

This is the time for reflection… a time when we weigh the pros and cons of the decisions we have made for the past 365 days… and the time when we resolve to make better decisions for the New Year. Although there are TONS of people who will use this time to go on and […]

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Happiness is Attainable…

My husband and I will celebrate 5 years of marriage in March of next year. In a little over a month from now, we will celebrate 10 years of our relationship. Reflecting back on the rebel I was at 17 and the woman I am today, I know with certainty this union has truly CHANGED […]

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First, I want to thank God for allowing me to see this beautiful NEW YEAR. I want to thank Him for the air in my lungs, the beat of my heart, the use and activity of my limbs. I want to thank Him for his unconditional LOVE and mercy… the abundance of blessings bestowed upon […]

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It Gets Better…

In a word, life these days has been HARD. It seems like EVERYTHING that can go wrong has found some clever way to do so. The only thing I have for sure is the breath in my lungs — and even that isn’t guaranteed from one minute to the next. When my engine blew out […]

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