Thy Will Be Done…

  I counseled a friend recently… Going through a tough time, she admitted she has been battling depression lately. Unfortunately, her marriage did not survive the many difficult and tumultuous trials it faced. In that moment, while hearing her heartbreaking story, I prayed for the wisdom to say the right thing SHE NEEDED to hear […]

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I am so thankful for growth… I know I have blogged a lot about change and the HUGE changes I have made within my life— but I just feel it would be an injustice if I did not talk about it. I scroll through my Twitter and Facebook and I realize I know so many […]

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They Call Me MRS. GORDON :)

On January 7th, I began a new adventure— Student Teaching!!! I am officially in the FINAL semester of my college career (Bachelor’s Edition lol) and it feels GREAT! I chose to complete my internship at Miami Beach Senior High School and was fortunate enough to be placed with an AMAZING veteran educator. She is truly […]

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