…for STABLE employment

I am truly thankful for my job… I have bitched and complained about it at one point or another… but I reeeeeeeeally like my job. I know there are not many people who can say this AND MEAN IT. I work with a group of people I like being around… people I am able to […]

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…for Resilience♥

I am thankful for the ability to BOUNCE BACK. Lord, I have had my share of disaster— in relationships, friendships, and countless experiences that could have very well broken me. I’m still here. Each day is an obstacle… whether financial, emotional, etc etc etc. I’m still here. I get knocked down. I recover. This isnt […]

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I am THANFUL for… Day 6

I am thankful for STRENGTH… I have not had the worst life… but my life has been a far cry from a casual stroll in the park. In fact, it has been more of a panic stricken run through a haunted mansion with serial killer-esque monsters in hot pursuit waiting for the moment to slaughter, […]

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I Am Educator! Hear Me Roar!!!

Today was PERFECT. I have the pleasure of completing my internship under the guidance of an amazing woman, Mrs. Corrine Richardson.  From day TWO, she has been trying to ease me into the role of educator. Clearly, I declined that day. BUT today was an entirely different story! Today I was H.E.I.C- Head Educator in […]

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