I Was Never The Ugly Kid…

I have never been the “ugly” girl… I have never been the “fat” girl… I have never been the “weakest link”… I am thankful. I was having a discussion the other day about certain behaviors and mindsets people have and carry throughout their entire lives because of the labels attached to them from childhood or […]

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…for STABLE employment

I am truly thankful for my job… I have bitched and complained about it at one point or another… but I reeeeeeeeally like my job. I know there are not many people who can say this AND MEAN IT. I work with a group of people I like being around… people I am able to […]

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…for Resilience♥

I am thankful for the ability to BOUNCE BACK. Lord, I have had my share of disaster— in relationships, friendships, and countless experiences that could have very well broken me. I’m still here. Each day is an obstacle… whether financial, emotional, etc etc etc. I’m still here. I get knocked down. I recover. This isnt […]

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