Guess What Day It Is!??

This is the time for reflection… a time when we weigh the pros and cons of the decisions we have made for the past 365 days… and the time when we resolve to make better decisions for the New Year. Although there are TONS of people who will use this time to go on and […]

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…and then you die.

“The ONLY thing that matters is that YOU are dying. Period.” Every day I turn on the television, I am faced with the harsh reality of this world we live in. I am often reminded of the song “I Won’t Complain” and I mentally weigh the good and bad days of my life to convince myself […]

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Dreaming of THIRTY♥

I have ONE goal I want to accomplish by the time I am THIRTY… I want to purchase my first home. Thankfully, my husband and I are pretty much the same age… and we share this same goal. I already have the vision of what I want my home to be… Comfortable. Home-y. 3 Bedroom/2 […]

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