This song is soooooo out of the ordinary for me to listen to… but I stumbled upon it and listened to the words and it reeeeeally hit home. Ive added the lyrics… read, listen, enjoy. Who Are We Fooling? Brooke Fraser  So we’re back here again Tip toeing round the edge of the end Wondering […]

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Here and Now…

I am learning to embrace the fact that some people are undeserving of the unconditional love we profess for them. In moments like these I just live… unapologetic… taking each day as another opportunity to live freely. It feels good to not have that weight on my shoulders. Sometimes the stresses of life can kill […]

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Someone Pinch Me NOW!

Today started off HORRIBLY! And that is probably the understatement of the year… I was awakened by a call that brought me to tears. (No one died) ANywho, as the day progressed SLOWLY, I decided to just not stress over the obvious attempts to ruin my evening. Instead, I entertained myself with Facebook and talked […]

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… I can see why the divorce rate in America for first marriages is 41% and I know EXACTLY why the number grows for those trying it a second and third time… Stupid fucks are always stupid fucks whether they marry you this time, her the second time, and her the third time. I hate assholes. […]

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Can someone… ANYONE… tell me what a woman’s place is? Im dying to know… Apparently conversing with those who have dicks and being yourself is out of character for a woman. Apparently having a personality and not being some sorry ass bump on a log is not characteristics of a woman. First and foremost, what […]

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Riddle Me This?!

What is a 6 letter word that doesnt mean shit? S-I-S-T-E-R You just wont believe the foolishness that transpired today… you wont believe it because I still cant believe it. Here’s a little background info: We moved to Atlanta and stayed for about 3 months. Ultimately, we left because he got a job offer here […]

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