Envy Much?? #HiHater♥

I never claim to be anything I am not… neither do I fake my happiness. In fact, I am one of the most honest and real people you will meet ((sometimes to a fault)). It baffles me how people can look at my life and jump to their own conclusions about the truth within. Though […]

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Define MODEL.

Just an FYI for all naked hoodrats: Just because some perv takes pics of you in lingirie and/or bathing suits while you attempt to make a “sexy” face, does NOT mean you are a model. Just because you show your photoshopped butt all over FB… and use it as ur FB profile pic… does NOT […]

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The Art of Exotic Dance

MYWC took a walk on the wild side this past Tuesday… a few of us joined together for an EXOTIC CHAIR DANCE WORKOUT class. We had a blast! Aside from confirming how amazingly sexy I am lol, I learned how to channel that sexy into sensual behavior. The Exotic Chair Dance class is NOT about […]

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MYWC On The BSide♥

Wednesday night, the ladies of Miami Young Wives Club (and 2 husbands) gathered together on the BSide for a night @TheBohemiaRoom. We had a blast. The night was titled”Stilettos and Prose”. I performed my new piece “Loving You Is Killing Me” and I rocked some hawt shoes ((as usual lol)) We looked phenomenal in our stilettos…. […]

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God Has The Final Say…

My grandmother just received a phone call from hospice… the voice on the other end of the line apologized for calling. She admitted it was an accident and that she was not supposed to call prior to my grandmother speaking to the doctor. *confused face* IDK if anyone else knows what hospice is… BUT in […]

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