Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder…

Did u miss me???!!?? 

I missed you all! ♥

I still have yet to get the modem for my home internet. BUT thats going down this week. I start classes on Monday ((May 2nd)). I will officially have about 18 months before I am the proud graduate of Union Institute and University!! Woohoo! Im majoring in Secondary Education with a concentration in English. ♥

Nothing new has really gone on… just living and enjoying my life. I have been going to church with my family… learning to count my blessings. Although things arent always 100% perfection, I am still sooooooo blessed. I have an incredibly handsome and wonderful husband,  I have 2 amazingly gifted children… and Im just a combination of both. What more could a woman want?! lol

I’ll definitely post more often once I get my modem. Dont abandon me! lol And follow me on Twitter @TABOOpoet. 


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