Just A Vacancy…

…love don’t live here anymore. Ya’ll remember that song? By Rose Royce? (What a corny name lol) But seriously, do ya’ll remember it? I remember belting it out as a kid… not having any real idea about the emotions behind it but liking the melody.

And here I am… many years later understanding exactly what it means.

Life is funny that way, I guess.

You live and you learn…

I wish I could go back to the days of ignorance innocence. I didn’t realize it then but life was so much simpler.

I look at my baby girl… just 2 months old… and I can’t help but smile. She is just so innocent. So full of life. And potential. Never been hurt. Never been lied to. Never been broken or defeated. Without a care in the world.

Imagine if  we could rewind time and be those sweet, innocent babies again. I’d give this life up in a heartbeat.

One heartbeat.


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