Subscription Cancelled!


People typically pride themselves on ending bad relationships and friendships…

When you notice someone is not ADDING to your life, you should subtract them from it.

Its pretty simple.

But, the slope tends to get slippery when the toxic person is a relative.

I believe it is important to maintain ONLY those relationships which are positive and beneficial to your life.

Relatives included.

I don’t believe a single soul on this earth has the right to bring negativity into your life… drama, headaches, foolishness, ignorance, etc etc etc. I choose to live my life a certain way and I will no longer entertain those who opt for a lifestyle I do not agree with. I believe God gave us all wisdom to decipher those who are FOR us and those who are so far out of touch with reality that they cannot even be for themselves. It is these people we must pray for… and let God work through.

Just because you are my mother, sister, aunt, cousin, friend, you are NOT entitled to a free pass.

So often we subscribe to the BS of our blood for one reason or another. We don’t want them to go crazy so we allow them to vent. We don’t want them to feel alone so we share in their pains and heartaches. We stress when they stress. We cry for them. We pray for them. BUT when their drama begins to become YOUR drama by default, its time to tune out. When they decide they can longer take constructive criticisms, or they constantly call you for advice they NEVER intend to take— when they decide to disrespect you and bring up your past because their present is in total chaos, its time to UNSUBSCRIBE.

I don’t believe in saying “You will need me before I need you” because I feel the only person we NEED in this life is God… and I am not Him. But I believe there are people who will not understand your value until you cut them off. At the same token, I believe in carrying a sharp pair of scissors to severe ties with ANYONE who isn’t adding to my life.

At 28, I am a different woman than I was at 27. I pride myself on living a drama FREE life. I don’t have issues with myself. I don’t have issues with other women. I have a positive attitude. I have amazing children. I have a marriage that I am PROUD of. I have a new baby on the way… ♥ I just don’t have the time or energy to subscribe to the issues of other people…

I am thankful for the wisdom to know that everybody doesn’t deserve a place in my life. Family or Friend or Foe. If you’re toxic… you’re terminated.

♥ Live Life ♥


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